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Jake + Erin Moore (Church Catalyst)

Jake and Erin have been ministering among the unreached Gumuz people of Ethiopia for the last 9 years.

Shawnee Christian Church Members family pictureIn their first two terms of service, in partnership with Ethiopian evangelists, the Moores saw 8 new churches planted among the Gumuz both south and north of the Blue Nile River. In addition to the their church-planting efforts, their family offers a practical example of God’s love for the Gumuz through medical care offered by their bush clinic in Yamp.

Jake and Erin returned for another term of service this year to continue planting new churches among the Gumuz. They have also expanded the services offered at the clinic by constructing a new pharmacy and storage facility.

More about the Moores

The Moores have three children – Aidan (2003), Gwyneth (2005), and Shea (2009). Aidan attends Rift Valley Academy in Kenya, and the girls are homeschooled in Ethiopia.

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